Success Stories

Before (left): Weight 141 lbs - 18% body fat - Size 2/4 -with an almost 1 yr old

After (right):  Weight 152 lbs - 15% body fat - Size 2/4 - with 18 month old In 6 months: Added 11 total lbs, Added 14 lbs of muscle, Lost 3 lbs of fat, same dress size I swear by....

 Wellness: Probiotic Omegaplex Perfect foods Catalyst (bcaa)

 Pre-Workout: Muscle Strength Arginine Extreme O2 Gold (cardio/long met con days)

 Recovery: Rehydrate Muscle Gain Biocharge (bcaa and antioxidant) Nighttime Recovery

#MidweekMotivation Down 45# through hard work, clean eating and kickin' ass day in and day out

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