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If you are looking to talk to someone committed to helping you reach your goals, be they - to feel better - look better - lose weight - or make more money - then the Thiels are two people you want to connect with! They have dedicated their lives to helping people improve their lives through fitness and Advocare. 

In 2005, Jeremy founded one of the first and most successful crossfit affiliates in the world. He has been able aid in the transformation of thousands of individuals via crossfit and Advocare. Jeremy and Lisa are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals - be it health and wellness or attaining financial freedom through Advocare. 

Jeremy was first introduced to Advocare products as a chunky, high school football player. He has been taking the products for over 15 years and sharing them with his friends and family. While Jeremy was drawn to the performance products, Lisa was sold on the weight loss and nutritional products that she relied on during and after her recent pregnancy. The RESULTS, unwavering professionalism, Advocare's Scientific & Medical Board (trusted products), and world class people have made lifelong Advocare advocates of the Thiels. 

After 15 years of taking, selling, and playing with Advocare - the Thiels committed to focusing on Advocare as a business. The pending arrival of their son, Jacob Bender Thiel, in September of 2012 gave the reason they needed to build Advocare as a business. Advocare allows them to earn an income and have freedom to spend time together as a family. Within 6 months the Thiel's jumped from Silver to Ruby working the business less than 5 hours a week. They continue to build a thriving Advocare team. 

Advocare is for you if..... 
· You want to lose weight! 

· You want to make additional income! 

· You want your nutritional supplements (vit C, Omega fats, etc) to show up on your door step without a trip to the busy supermarket! 

· You want more energy! 

· You want to take your sports performance to the next level! 

Advocare offers world class nutritional supplements, performance products, as well as the opportunity - for those who are interested - to earn a full or part time income. 
Make sure to explore the options available to you on this page or contact the Thiels for help! 

Jeremy and Lisa Thiel

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